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Plant Based Beauty Blender and Buddy Brush

Applying and blending makeup has never been simpler thanks to our two eco-friendly,

plant-based tools! Use the Coconut Beauty Blender to apply foundation or the

Buddy Brush to blend in the nooks and crannies!

Tip:  The Buddy brush works great with our brow stencils to create perfect, symmetrical eyebrows every single time! So, use them together; you will have the perfect brows.



This high performing, natural coconut based beauty blender works the same as the original but even better.

Not only can you feel good that you have chosen a tool that is “green” but the unique sculpted shape allows you to get into nooks and crannies.




Create perfect, symmetrical eyebrows every single time!

The Buddy Brush pairs well with our Brow colors and Brow Stencils

Our reusable & washable Eye Brow Stencils are easy-to-use and quickly help you shape the perfect brow! Set of 3 stencil sizes (Fine, Medium & Full)

Click to see how to video!


  • Made with Upcycled Coconut Husks + Polyurethane
  • Eco-Friendly and Hypoallergenic
  • Latex Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan, Plant Based (50% Coconut Husk Powder, 50% Proprietary PU Blend)
  • Free Of Latex, Mineral Oil, Artificial Colors & Dyes.
  • Velvety Soft Texture
  • Washable & Reusable
  • One to a biodegradable bag




For all skin types, especially those needing extra hydration.

Keeps skin hydrated and also helps sets makeup for long wear!


2oz. or 4 oz. fine mist spray (plastic or aluminum bottles / 16 oz. Bulk Refill



Natural Quick Dry  Brush & Hand Cleaner

This naturally made, quick dry solution, will remove makeup residue from brushes & implements as well as hands (our favorite makeup palette) with ease!

Our quick dry aspect quickly & effectively cleanses without the need to rinse, so brushes are ready for immediate reuse in seconds!


2oz. or 4 oz. fine mist spray (plastic or aluminum bottles / 16 oz. Bulk Refill



Paper Compacts



REFILL: Our Eco Color Refills are packaged in recyclable metal pans and recyclable PET Clamshells. All pressed powders, concealers & pomades are offered in these refills and are sold separately to fit into our Eco-friendly Paper Compacts. When finished, your client can simply toss the empty metal pan and clamshell in recycling & purchase a new one. The Eco Refill clamshell holder is made from PET and is considered number 1 encircled recycle symbol. Our refill program offers you and your customers an environmentally friendly option

REUSE: A magnet holds the pan in place and pans are easily replaced with fresh new colors when needed but keep the same compact for years!

REDUCE: The simple concept of reusing and refilling is a great way to eliminate single use plastics and helps to reduce waste on our planet. Paper packaging is not only a trending packaging choice for a variety of formulations but is also an extremely versatile and environmentally friendly packaging option.


Duo – Most popular for brows (#26DUO)   /   Trio – Most Popular for shadows (#26TRIO)


Click Image to see fun filling ideas!

Large Palette Box: – Arrange any size pan – anyway that you please.  (Shadow, blush & foundation)

Choose from our vast selection of  color:   Shadows, Brow Powder,  Brow Pomade, Concealer,  Setting Powder,  Bronzer, Highlighter and Mineral Foundation

Outside closed: 8″L X 4.5″W X .75″D (#B225) Shown Filled (Sold Empty)  

20% off Large Box – while supplies last.