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Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

Read any good labels lately? All everyone talks about these days are what’s not in their makeup!

No Parabens, no toxins, no this, no that! But do they tell you what IS in their makeup?

We are proud of both – what doesn’t go in and what does go in!

Ingredients may differ from packaging.

Please refer to online ingredients for the most up to date information.

Please check with us before printing your own ingredient labels.  Listings are subject to change!

Our stock makeup is pre-labeled with ingredients listed by name (INCI Name) in descending order of predominance, shade name, net weight and country of manufacture. (The “may contain” section allows us to list one generic label for all shades in the same group).

Common Label Questions:

Can I change the labels (product name/color name/etc.)? 

We do not make nor apply custom labels; however, with a minimum of 24 pcs per color, we can leave our ingredient labels, color labels and tamper seals off so that you may apply your own. Please specify this request at time of order and check with us before printing your own ingredient labels, as listings are subject to change.

What legally must go on my label? 

If sold in the US, it is your responsibility to comply with US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) regarding labeling procedures. By placing your order with us, you confirm that products will not be adulterated or misbranded, and upon final processing, labeling, or repacking, such goods will be properly labeled. Detailed information regarding proper labeling can be found here: Code of Federal Regulations 21 (CFR 21 Part 701)

Note: For all orders that are shipped/sold outside of the USA – you are responsible for your own regulatory and label compliance. We will be happy to work with your third party authorized authorities if needed.


Various Ingredient Info:

Lecithin – Derived from sunflower.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) – Derived from sunflower. 

Propanediol – A natural, pure, petroleum free glycol.  Corn Derived. 

Isostearyl Palmitate – Derived from natural (non-animal) ingredients. It is an ester from Isostearyl Alcohol and Palmitic Acid. 

Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2 –   A non-animal derived semisolid lanolin substitute with high water binding capacity and adhesiveness. This product is non-occlusive and in comparison to lanolin oil, is virtually odorless.  Proven excellent skin compatibility, plus allergic skin reactions have not been reported.   

Squalane – Derived from Sugar Cane. 

Vanilla Planifolia – A plant derived extract. 

Glycerin – Our certified Palm-Free Organic Vegetable Glycerin is ethically and sustainably produced from non-GMO soybeans. 

Palm Oil – While we do not directly purchase palm oil, a very small percentage of some of our natural products may have ingredients that are derived from palm or palm kernel oil.


As a private label (no-name brand) we are not making claims on our formulas.  As the end retailer, you are responsible for your own testing for claim as well as for other purposes that might be a requirement. 

Products that are made gluten- free, are to the best of our knowledge based on supplier information and formulation procedures. Normal operations involve shared kettles and preparation areas that may contain traces of gluten.

We are producing our natural makeup using natural and certified organic ingredients that we procure from our vendors.  Our formula, in a whole, is not certified.  Therefore, we are not making this product claim, and neither should you.

Leaping Bunny Seal

The Cruelty Free Seal (shown here) was acquired by us through the Leaping Bunny program.  To license this seal for your own use – you must contact the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics yourself, for own license & permission.

We’re proud to support the Humane Cosmetics Act.  You can help too!
Please contact your federal legislators and ask them to support this important bill to end animal testing

Our Product liability Insurance is not applicable on bulk goods or product that has been altered or repackaged.  This includes but is not limited to adding or changing our formulation in any way (adding your own essential oils, etc.)  Products sold under your brand are your responsibility. Product Safety – Always patch test products before use and advise your clients of the same.  People develop allergies throughout all stages of their lives. Customers who experience sensitivity or an allergy while using our products are advised to discontinue product use and consult a physician.

The information provided by Brushes by Karen / ColorStrokes Cosmetics is for informational purposes only, and we do not make medical claims for our products. Brushes by Karen’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. If you have any medical questions, speak with your doctor. Complete ingredient lists are provided on our website and/or product label or accompanying product information. Our descriptions are strictly informational as a courtesy to our customers for them to have a better understanding of our formulations and to assist them in making an informed decision as to our product quality. Customers may or may not have similar experiences. Results can vary. 

Brushes by Karen cannot be held liable for misuse of our products. Because we are private label, you are responsible for your own photography and marketing. This insures that everyone retains his or her own unique look and identity.  

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