Vegan Brushes: Taklon & Two Tone

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Vegan Synthetic Taklon Brus

100% Synthetic: Cruelty Free & Vegan Approved (No Animal Hair/Fur)

Synthetic Taklon brushes work great with creams, oils & liquids. They will spread concealer without pulling or stretching the skin. The smaller liners or square head versions are ideal for lining eyes and painting faux hairs on the brow. Taklon brushes are firm, durable and have great control.

Taklon Synthetice


Matte Black Handles With White Imprint Of Brush Descriptions

*Available in Short and Long Handle (where indicated)



Synthetic Duo Brow Brush

#SYN80(one size)

Taklon Angle Liner

* Taklon Angle Liner

T800 short / T8006 long




Tiny Taklon Square

Tiny Taklon Square

#C811 short


Camouflage Qtr Flat

Cam. 1/4″ Flat

#C804 short

Cam angle Detailer

Cam.  Angle Detailer

#C803 short


Taklon Slant Liner

Taklon Slant Liner

#T806 short



Deluxe Liner

#T805 short

Taklon Pointed Definer * Taklon Pointed Definer

T801 short/ T8016 long


Camouflage 3-8 Flat

* Cam. 3/8″ Flat

#C805 short / #C8056 long


Camouflage 6 Pointed

* Cam. #6 Pointed

#C806 short / #C8066 long


Camouflage 8 Pointed

* Cam. #8 Pointed

#C807 short / #C8076 long

cam oval undereye lip

Cam. Oval Undereye/Lip

#C808 short


cam oval 10

Cam. Oval #10

#C809 short

cam oval 12

Cam. Oval #12

#C810 short


cam oval 18

Cam. Oval #18

#C818 short


Taklon Foundation

Taklon Foundation

#T810 long only

Vegan SyntheticTwo Toned Brushes

Vegan Two Toned: 100% Synthetic

Long , Stencil, Natural Wood Handles With Black Imprint Of Brush Descriptions

Synthetic Round Liner#S1: Synthetic Round Liner

Synthetic Tiny Angle

#S2: Synthetic Tiny Angle

Synthetic Lip/Eyeliner

#S3: Synthetic Lip/Eyeliner

Synthetic Medium Angle

#S4: Synthetic Medium Angle

Synthetic Large Flat#S5: Synthetic Large Flat

Synthetic Small Oval#S6: Synthetic Small Oval

Synthetic Medium Oval#S7: Synthetic Medium Oval

Synthetic Large Oval#S8: Synthetic Large Oval

Synthetic Deluxe Oval#S9: Synthetic Deluxe Oval

Cruelty Free

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