Refillable Brushes, Compacts & Palettes

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100% Synthetic Vegan Hair Sold empty for you to fill with your favorite shade.The unique dial mechanism, allows you to control the powder flow. Optional drawstring pouch sold separate. This new updated version has 100% synthetic Brown Faux Vegan Hair, Matte silver cap and base.

8 Gram refills for our mineral available for filling compact – Click to go!

Brown Faux Dispensing brush

Brown Faux Disp. Brush 100% Synthetic Silver Cap / Clear Base



Closeout:  Pure Pony Hair / Clear Cap & Base






Not your ordinary compact! Our refillable Loose Powder Touch up Compact allows you to safely transport your loose powder for touch ups o n the go.This refillable compact is designed to easily travel with your favorite shade of loose powder.Powder stays put without spilling and is easily refillable as needed.Powder release through sifter holes onto puff (included) for easy, flawless application on the go

8 Gram refills of our mineral available for filling compact – Click to go!


Click image to see how to fill!



REFILL: Our Eco Color Refills are packaged in recyclable metal pans and recyclable PET Clamshells. All pressed powders, concealers & pomades are offered in these refills and are sold separately to fit into our Eco-friendly Paper Compacts. When finished, your client can simply toss the empty metal pan and clamshell in recycling & purchase a new one. The Eco Refill clamshell holder is made from PET and is considered number 1 encircled recycle symbol. Our refill program offers you and your customers an environmentally friendly option

REUSE: A magnet holds the pan in place and pans are easily replaced with fresh new colors when needed but keep the same compact for years!

REDUCE: The simple concept of reusing and refilling is a great way to eliminate single use plastics and helps to reduce waste on our planet. Paper packaging is not only a trending packaging choice for a variety of formulations but is also an extremely versatile and environmentally friendly packaging option.

Click on Image below to see how quick, easy and versatile it is!


Peel & Stick Magnet Sheets



Duo – Most popular for brows (#26DUO)   /   Trio – Most Popular for shadows (#26TRIO)


Click Image below to see fun filling ideas!


Large Palette Box: – Arrange any size pan – anyway that you please.  (Shadow, blush & foundation)

Choose from our vast selection of  color:   Shadows, Brow Powder,  Brow Pomade, Concealer,  Setting Powder,  Bronzer, Highlighter and Mineral Foundation

Outside closed: 8″L X 4.5″W X .75″D (#B225) Shown Filled (Sold Empty)  

20% off Large Box – while supplies last.



Below are our older catalogue pages from this category for reference….

Although some of the items are being phased out, some will remain and are just waiting for their new head shots.

Others might still be available as closeouts. (Please check with a sales associate for more details and availability) 22 and 23



5GRAM – 5-Gram Tester Jars (6 PCs.)

5GBULK – Bulk 250 PCs.

20GM6 – 20 Gram All Clear Sifter Jars (6 PCs.)

20BULK – Bulk 250 PCs.

EMSJ – Mini Shaker Jars 12 Gm. (6 Pc.)

EMBULK – Bulk 250 PCs.

TJ14 – 1/4-Ounce Jars (6 Pc.)

TJ18 – 1/8-Ounce Jars (6 Pc.)

OOCS – 5 Pc. Clear Stackables

OOXC – Extra Stackable Covers (4 Pc.)

SSOC – Stacking Powder Jars W/Sifter (3PC)

SSOL – xtra Lids – Stacking Powder Jars (2pcs.)

PDBE – Powder Dispensing Brush- Empty!

BPDB – Empty Black Drawstring Pouch For Dispensing Brush (Not Shown)

XDBT – Xtra Brush Top Caps (8 PCs.)

XDBB – Xtra Brush Bottom Caps (8 PCs.)

SSP – Stack & Swing Palette

S020 – 4 Pan: Compact (Hard Case)

S025 – 12 Pan: Compact (Hard Case)

2SLOT – 2 Slot Compact

4SLOT – 4 Slot Compact

A602 – Slim Stand-up Mirror

DSPB – Double Sided Palette Box  – Discontinued


W213 – 2 Pc. Cellulose Sponges

W214 – 12 Pack Cellulose Sponges

RC24 – 24 Pack Round Compressed Cellulose Sponges (Now in new white color – #W2C4) Yellow is no longer available.

FS00- PVA Pink Facial Sponge

SC99 – Chamois Cloth – Smooth –  – Discontinued

TC99 – Chamois Cloth – Textured  – Discontinued

A604 – Natural Bristle Complexion Brush

A603 – Black Lucite Complexion Brush

R603 – Clear Lucite Complexion Brush

CRFB – Clear Round Complexion Brush

GEL1 – Gel Facial Mask

A606 – Loofah Back Scrubber

100% Boar Bath Brush A605

W217 – Medium Natural Sea Sponge

W218 – Large Natural Sea Sponge

W222 – Small Wool Bath Sponge

W219 – Large Wool Bath Sponge

MG11 – Massage Gloves (One Pair)

AC89 – Ayate Cloth[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][/vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text]